About Cairo

  The great Cairo is one of the biggest cities in Africa and in the entire Arab world,It is also the capital of Egypt, Cairo is one of the most crowd city in the world, it has a nickname which is "the city of a thousand minarets" and that is belongs to the Islamic history inside it, Over the time Cairo was the most important witness for the history by his all faces.



  • Coffee & Sheesha (Have a coffee, mint tea or Sheesha at El Fishawy's coffee shop in Khan El-Khalili.)
  • Felucca (Ride a felucca along the Nile River. )
  • Parks
  • Shopping (Citystars is Egypts premier shopping mall and is quite comparable to a foreign mall.)
  • Horseback Riding (Go horseback riding in the desert from one of the Nazlet El-Samaan stables )

Inside the huge Cairo we find political regions, religious areas, literature and the culture everywhere, in the all Cairo's walls the history is digs by the Egyptian hands,Also Cairo was associated with the ancient Egypt cause the proximity with the pyramids and the sphinx in the neighbor city which is the Giza.Also Cairo includes a famous and great places like:

1-The Egyptian Museum

The location of the Egyptian museum is inside the downtown, it was building in the center of Cairo, It is involve a fantastic and extensive collection of an ancient Egyptian artifacts for more than 3000 years dating back to the old kingdom for the roman period, If we look to the Egyptian museum's exhibit….then we will know if we give only one minute to each exhibit inside the museum we will take a months to see everything inside it.


2- Giza Pyramids

The great pyramids of Giza are the only survivors of the of the seven wonders of the ancient world, The three pyramids were building to the three kings Khufu, Kafhre and Mankura which are the  pyramids called by them names, to be later such a great tombs for those kings All the three pyramids are built during the third and fourth dynasty, but unfortunately the three pyramids for the three kings were not finished by the end of each respective king's reign, like many of the great kings of ancient kingdom at Egypt.

3- Sphinx

The legendary Sphinx which is known in Arabic as "Abu al houl" which meaning "the father of terror" The Sphinx is carved out the hillside, this massive statue is still big mystery for a statue as a body of lion and head for man and that is refers to the huge strength and power in the body also has a smart mind I the head, The Sphinx now is in a poor case, the old story says it's nose is fell off while used it as a target by the Napoleonic soldiers and Memeluke, While it's beard is in the British Museum in London.


4- Khan al Khalili

The Khan is a confusion maze of alleys, shops, cafes and bazaars mostly organized by trade, Khan al Khalili is a bustling commercials soul of the old city of Cairo since the middle ages. Inside the Khan you can feel and smell the soul of ancient Egypt, you will find out a local shops sells stuff belongs to ancient Egypt and there, are a good places for lunch or drink something like Nagib Mahfouz restaurant-cafe and al Sokaria restaurant-café also there are bazaars and shops for Egyptian perfumes and spices and inside the Khan there are a famous silver and gold shops. Around the Khan is a big religious area definitely Islamic area like the mosque of al Housayn and sharia Almuizz li Din Allah. The Khan is a big commercial area collects different nationalities.

5- Cairo Tower

The massive Cairo Tower is built on Zamalek island along the Nile river,it is a built from 1956 to 1961, by 187 meters it is a 43 meters taller than a huge pyramid of Giza , The upper floors is has a nice revolving restaurants which are popular for the all people specially for the couples, also on the top of the Tower you can watch all the downtown and the Nile river in it's magical scene with the lights at the night, The Tower is crowned by an observation deck and it is the tallest build in the area of Zamalek Island.

6- Citadel of (salah Eden)

Salah ad-Din Citadel is one of the most popular and amazing places in Cairo, it is count as one of the most world's greatest monuments to the medieval warfare, the Citadel reveal a character of the medieval. Also the Citadel is the largest fortification in the Middle East and still dominating skyline of Cairo, The Citadel was built in 1176 by Salah ad-Din as part of his plan against the Crusaders; it was the royal residence for more than 700 years. The Citadel involve the history inside it, even each wall in the Citadel tell a different historical event like the history in it's towers, museums and the mosque of Muhammed Ali.


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